StellarUp Disclaimer

Personal Affiliate Disclosure

We would like to be fully transparent with the users of this website and disclose how we are able to generate revenue to keep the development of new and exciting features in operation. What keeps our wheels turning is the use of affiliate links. When a user follows a link to an exchange, for example, it gives us the opportunity to create an additional revenue stream if the user decides to use the exchange, which is at no additional cost to the user.

Some affiliate links offer benefits for both us and the user and Coinbase is a great example of this. With every $100 purchase or sell the user makes, through our referral links, they will also be credited with $10 worth of free bitcoin.

These affliate links can help offset the cost of development so that we can continue to provide new and exciting features. Improve the functionality and usability of old features. And overall create a better experience for the user.

One last thing to take note of is that by no means are we financial or cryptocurrency expects. The tutorials and resources provided are intended to get you started if you choose to do so. Please do not take this as financial advice and always knows the risks involved before deciding to enter the world of cryptocurrency. The decisions you make on whether or not to invest in cryptocurrency are your own responsibility.

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